Laura Baugh Is A Beautiful Golfer

August 28, 2008

Meet Laura Baugh, an American golfer who has been voted as the most beautiful golfer in the world by renowned magazine Golf Digest in 1972. See photos, video and her biography here.

Laura was a champion golfer during the 70s but later fell to drinking and almost lost her life. She wrote all about her life story in a book, “Out of the Rough.” released in 1999.

As a biography, Laura Baugh was born on May 31, 1955 in Gainesville, Florida so her age is 58. She won the National PeeWee Championship almost five times as a child. She studied in the California State University, Long Beach.

Laura was pretty much known for her beautiful body apart from her amazxing golfing skills. This was the reason she was chosen as the ‘Most Beautiful Golfer’ in 1972.

She was also the member of the Curtis Cup winning US team and also went on to win the World Amateur Golf Championships before turning Pro in 1973.

Laura released her book in 1999 about her fight with the alcohol and her treatment in Betty Ford Clinic. Check out her website here.

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