Lilly Robbins: Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

August 26, 2008

Meet Lilly Robbins, a third year veteran cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. Check out her hot photos and video below.

It’s time for the Right Fielders Hottie of the Day! Today’s hottie is Miami Dolphins cheerleader Lilly Robbins, who was recently deemed one of the five hottest looking cheerleaders in the NFL, according to Maxim. Her photos at Maxim can be found right here, and as usual, Maxim is spot on. I’m sure you’ll agree…

As a biography, Lilly Robbins is 20 years old. She hails from St. Joseph, Michigan. This is Lilly’s third year on the Miami Dolphins’ Cheerleading Squad. She currently is a student at a community college and will attend FAU in the spring. She is studying sports broadcasting and would like to someday work for ESPN from the sidelines. Look out, Erin Andrews!

More photos and video of Lilly Robbins can be found after the jump!

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