Alex Rodriguez Still At 499

August 1, 2007

It just wasn’t his night. There were seven Yankees who hit eight home runs Tuesday night, and Alex Rodriguez had nothing to do with it. The eight homers tied a franchise record set back in 1939. Hideki Matsui had two home runs, with Bobby Abreu, Jorge Posada, Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera, Johnny Damon, and Shelley Duncan each hitting one. They clobbered the Chicago White Sox, 16-3.

The fans cheered for A-Rod every time he took to the plate, taking pictures and chanting but it just wasn’t going to happen.

“They took pictures of the wrong guy,” said Rodriguez, “I was feeling lonely in the corner [of the dugout]. I just kept switching seats around [to change my luck]. Tonight, none of them worked.”

It could be he was tired from partying the day before. A-Rod’s birthday was last Friday, July 27th. To celebrate, he and his wife Cynthia and eight of their closest friends flew Monday to Miami for dinner at South Beach steakhouse Prime 112. It was there that the birthday boy evidently sampled 10 different desserts. I don’t know about you, but 10 different desserts will definitely affect me the next day. Does this also mean that all is well in the A-Rod and Cynthia Rodriguez household? No doubt Cynthia was there to keep a watchful eye on her stripperholic husband.

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