Susanna Kallur Is A Swedish Runner

August 15, 2008

Meet Susanna Kallur, Swedish athlete who specializes in sprint hurdles and will be competing for her country for the second time during Beijing Olympics. See photos, video and her biography here.

Susanna holds the world indoor record for 60m hurdles and is a strong contender for the 100m hurdles event in the Olympics.

Susanna Kallur was born on February 16, 1981 in New York, USA so her age is 27. Her most notable performances include a gold medal in the 100m hurdles during the European Championships in 2006.

Often called ‘Sanna’ in Sweden, Susanna has a four-minutes younger sister, Jenny, who is also a sprint runner. She was voted to be the ‘Sweden’s Best Sports person/Team’ in 2007.

Though, Susanna is a favorite this year in the 100m, her leg injury might prevent her from putting her best in the event. Despite that, she is definitely positive about competing.

“I would not be here if it were not to perform.�?

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