Ashley Saltalamacchia is Jarrod’s Hot Wife!

July 30, 2007

Meet Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s wife Ashley who is a smoking hot wife. Not only is Ashley Saltalamacchia a hot wife, but she also taught gym class at his high school. But where are the photos?

That’s right. Atlanta Braves prospect “Salty” married a teacher who is 14 years older than him. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, more power to Ashley for landing a boy toy. But it does raise eyebrows that she taught at his high school while he attended it. Everyone wants to know if they slept together while he was a minor but they have denied it. She says that they started dating after his graduation.

Is he looking for a mother?

Ashley and Jarrod Saltalamacchia have split hairs and denied that she actually taught one of his classes directly. My recollection of physical education in high school is that there is a lot of group teaching going on. But let us move on from any unwarranted controvery.

She is in the news because on July 29, 2007 “Salty” was traded to the Texas Rangers in exchange for Mark Teixeira and CJ Wilson. Prospects Elvis Andrus and Matt Harrison were involved in this deal also. He has the longest name in baseball.

We know that Jarrod is 22 years old but Ashley’s exact age is difficult to assess. Various reports say that Ashley is 16 years older, 14 years older, or 10 years older. If the official university newsletter is correct which announced the birth of their daughter, she graduated from Stetson University in 1993. This means that Ashley was born around 1971, and would be about 36 years old today and that she is therefore about 14 years older.

So as a biography, we already know that Ashley Saltalamacchia was a gym teacher in high school. She also played volleyball at Stetson University where she graduated in 1993. The couple where married on July 12, 2005. They have a baby daughter named Sidney born December 27, 2006. Jarrod was born May 2, 1985 in Florida. They currently reside in Palm Beach Florida.

She teaches at Royal Palm Beach (FL) High School. The website is here.

Apparently her maiden name is Ashley Dale Perry or Ashley Patrick. Or perhaps she was married before. At one time she was athletic director/physical education teacher, girls and boys volleyball coach at Western Pines Middle School in Royal Palm Beach.

Here are excerpts from an interview with wife Ashley Saltalamacchia about her husband’s prospects.

“Huge,” said Ashley Saltalamacchia, who gets questions from students and faculty about how her husband is doing in his first major league spring training camp.

“They don’t even know me — it’s all about Jarrod,” she joked Sunday from the stands at Roger Dean Stadium, as the 6-foot-4, 230-pound catcher stood on the field, signing autographs for fans sticking balls and cards through the fence.

“I kid him that I have no identity anymore, that ‘It’s all about you.’ ”

“He doesn’t take anything for granted,” she said. “And he enjoys every minute. He doesn’t have a bad day. I was a college athlete and I’ve been a coach, and I walked off the court with my head down some days. He doesn’t. He knows tomorrow’s a new day.”

Photos below just as soon as we get them. Send one if you have it.

We are hot on the trail so come back later.

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8 Responses to “Ashley Saltalamacchia is Jarrod’s Hot Wife!”

  1. 1
    Saltalamacchia likes them old at The Sports Note Says:

    […] what? Thats all we get? Luckily The Big Lead had a link in their Roundup today that provided some more details, click here to find out a little more about Ms.Saltalamacchia or “Ashley&#82… as she goes by. And no, no found pictures as of yet, […]

  2. 2
    Big Nuts Says:

    I too linked over from The Big Lead, hoping to peep a pic of Mrs. Salty. I look forward to stopping back when you get the chance to post it, or find it =)

  3. 3
    Chris Says:

    I attended the same high school Jarrod went to and was a student of Ms. Ashely Patrick Saltalamacchia. To say she was a cradle robber, well, we all suspected that. ;) She’s pretty hot, but uses too much makeup. Wasn’t very involved with her students, pretty had stuck around her clique of female students. But hey, more props to Jarrod!

  4. 4
    AW Says:

    Ashley Saltalamacchia’s maiden name is Ashley Dale Perry. Her married name from her first marriage was Ashley Perry Patrick. Jarrod is her second husband and a former student at Royal Palm Beach HS. Here’s another link to information from Stetson University Alumni News/Winter 1999 on Ashley Perry Patrick Saltalamacchia (Stetson University Class of 1993):

    Quote from a 1999 newsletter: “Ashley Perry Patrick, Boynton Beach, is athletic director/physical education teacher, girls and boys volleyball coach at Weslean Pines Middle School in Royal Palm Beach.”

  5. 5
    AW Says:

    Just out of curiosity, in reference to the post above, did Jarrod Saltalamacchia attend Weslean Pines Middle School in Royal Palm Beach, Florida?

  6. 6
    Dana Says:

    I went to Stetson and played Volleyball with her and was a bridesmaid in her first wedding and am still a good friend. She is my age,37. She graduated a year late from Stetson so they are 15 years apart. She has 2 children with Jarrod now and is a very decent human being. I have tons of pics of her, but you all need a life. She is very beautiful.

  7. 7
    tine Says:

    Jarrod went to western pines middle as well as Royal Palm High I went to both with him…isn’t it funny that she moved to the high school when he entered high school from middle school!

  8. 8
    Sam Says:

    Ashley’s Bio before she landed Salty was a busy one…former Wilhemina model, beach volleyball player, college volleyball, physical education teacher…she’s GORGEOUS. Tall, fit, lean, brunette and BOOBS. So what Salty is 24…she can hold her own my friends. I met her at a charity event a few weeks ago in TX called Triple Play. Many other Ranger wives with there as well…NONE COMPAIRED. Mrs. Salty keeps up with herself and is no let down. What did ya expect her to be landing a 24 year old!! Gotta get photo’s…