Jewel Marries Ty Murray

August 9, 2008

Jewel eloped with long time boyfriend bull rider Ty Murray. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

Folk singer, Jewel, officially became a ‘sports wife’ this week when she married rodeo star and professional cowboy, Ty Murray. They took off the the Bahamas and got married. According to E! Online, she wore a traditional wedding gown while he wore his traditional blue jeans and cowboy hat. I guess he had on a white shirt too!

They eloped to the Bahamas and are planning a six day honeymoon down there. She wrote about it on her blog and said she was really excited about the vacation – being careful not to give away that the two were planning on getting married while there. I guess she was excited!!

Jewel is one of those few people who are known by one name, you know, like Cher. Her real name is (was?) Jewel Kilcher. She got her big break in music with her 1995 single, Pieces of You. That song propelled her to stardom and has been one of the biggest selling albums of all time. Three songs from that album were Top 10 hits, including, You Were Meant for Me, Who Will Save Your Soul and Foolish Games. I always thought it was interesting that she learned to yodel when she was very young. You can tell that in a lot of her songs.

Jewel met rodeo star, Ty Murray, in 1999. The two started dating, became a couple and have collaborated in a number of projects together over the years. They have been together for ten years.

They live on a 2,200 acre ranch in central Texas.

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    The World Jewel forum wishes to congratulate Jewel and Ty on their wedding. We wish you eternal happiness together.
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