Amanda Beard PETA Ad (Photo)

August 6, 2008

Amanda Beard is getting naked again … and why not? She’s got a great body. Check out her nude for PETA and a behind the scenes video below.

Amanda Beard would ‘Rather Go Naked’ and she’s proved it over and over again, like in her Playboy photo shoot. This time she’s letting the world know she’d rather go naked than wear fur in her nude photo for PETA in their latest ad, ‘Be comfortable in your own skin, don’t wear fur’. There’s a behind the scene’s video of the photo shoot you can enjoy as well.

The hot American Olympic swimmer unveiled the nude photos of herself earlier today at the Athlete’s Village in Beijing where she is preparing for the 2008 Olympics. That’s kind of an in-your-face kind of move considering that China is on PETA’s list for countries that aren’t doing much for animal rights. They’ve recently carried out an investigation into China’s thriving fur industry and what they’ve uncovered isn’t pretty. Chinese officials nixed Beard holding her unveiling in an Olympic venue, which is why she did it at the Athlete’s Village. The Chinese authorities cited ‘safety concerns’ for banning her originally planned news conference.

Beard made a point of not criticizing China’s fur trade. I’m guessing she didn’t want to end up with her visa yanked and having to watch the Olympics on a plasma TV and eating tater chips with Joey Cheek.

You’re not paying a bit of attention, are you? So just look at the photo and video. She’s comfortable in her own skin and we, at Right Fielders, are comfortable showing you skin … enjoy.

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