China’s Sexy Olympic Swim Wear

August 4, 2008

The Beijing Olympics aren’t going to fall short in the sexy category. In fact, the Chinese might win the gold for swimsuit sex appeal. Check out China’s fashion in photos below.

China’s sexy Olympic swimwear was exhibited a while back as part of China’s ongoing effort to put itself on the fashion world stage and to promote the Beijing Olympics. I know, these don’t look like the super sleek fast, but not sexy, Fastskin LZR Racer swimwear everyone else will be wearing. In fact, it looks like its made more for sex appeal than for winning Olympic medals.

I think that the Chinese will probably be wearing the same Fastskin suits that the rest of the competition will be wearing. Although, word is they haven’t decided what they are going to wear yet! But you can’t blame them for putting these suits out there on these models to entice the viewing audience a little more. Kinda adds to the excitement of the games …. don’t you think?

You have to admit, these swimsuits are a little more appealing than the Olympic fashion that Canada has unveiled.

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