Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson Biography

August 4, 2008

Shawn Johnson is a member of the 2008 US Women’s Olympic team in Beijing, China. See photos, video and a biography of Shawn below.

Shawn Johnson made the US Gymnastic team and is a 2007 and 2008 US and World Champion in the All Around category. Her strengths include being able to perform well under pressure and hitting complicated routines every time.

Shawn Johnson was born on January 19, 1992 in Iowa. Her mother says she skipped crawling and went right to walking by nine months of age. She was a natural acrobat, as she learned how to climb out of her crib shortly thereafter.

Shawn began her gymnastics career at three years old in a recreational program. She loved it and continued practicing her skills until she could join a team. When she joined a team and performed almost flawlessly, her family knew she had exquisite talent and they may have a star on their hands.

Shawn’s junior career began in 2005 with a 10th place finish overall in the US National Championships. In 2006, she won the same competition. Her senior career began in 2007 where she was crowned National Champion for the floor routine, balance beam and all-around in 2007. She was also the World Champion for the floor routine and the All-Around category.

In 2008, her winning streak has continued and she won National Champion title for floor exercise and All-Around titles. She made the US Women’s Olympic team and will compete in Beijing, China for the gold medal.

Pictures and a video from Shawn Johnson are below.

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    Amy Duran Says:

    Shawn Johnson is the best athlete I’ve ever seen in my whole life, you are my favorite gymnast. Good luck with the next Olympics (even thogh it’s 4 more years away)!

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    Victoria Gelencser Says:

    shawnjhonson is the best gymnast ever!!!!!!you rock and so once again I think your the best and I really wish you good luck in the next 4 years so good luck.your are also my #1 fan !!!! ps: I wish i was you because you seem really nice and I also look up to you to like I said your my #1 fan rock on shawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    kiss me Says:

    having some detail on her life would be awesome!

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    Annmarie Says:

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    sarah Says:

    hey sean,congrats on the olympics im also a gymnast and i hope reach your level of time devotion and passion soon im half way already i hope to meet you some day,

    sincerely, a young gymnast

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    Kanisha Says:

    you are awesome! i want to be just like you…right now im working on my back handspring (:

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    Deisya(dejah) Long Says:

    Hi, I love u Shawn I know lots about u like your fav music person and that you like lance armstrong and american chinese food. I am also a good gymnast. Not as good as u though. I live in Canton, Ohio. I go to gymnastics at the YMCA Gymnastics Center. I am in pre-team. PLEASE WRITE ME BACK AT d******@yahoo.com

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    Tiffanylyn Still Says:

    I meet you once at Bella’s but i watched you on during the olympics, you are my idol and hero; i look up to you. all the hard work you have been done makes me want to try harder. Im looking forward to going to the 2012 olympics your wonderful and and i wish you the best of luck in the future

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    rebekah Says:

    hi shawn,
    u are so amazing! i watch ur videos all the time ur so great. im in a squad in my gymnastics well i used to be in the squad but now in in a normal class. i really want to meet u! i wish i could be as good as u. my mum said she would take me to the olimpics in 2012 so i can see you thats how much i love u! bye love u from rebekahxxxx

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    rebekah Says:

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    Brianna Says:

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