Michael Lohberg is Dara Torres’ Coach

July 26, 2008

Meet Michael Lohberg, a six time Olympic swimming coach. See photos and a biography of Michael below.

For Michael Lohberg, Friday was supposed to be the day he would leave for Singapore for a week of training with his swimmers prior to the Beijing Summer Olympics. Instead, he and his wife Birgit left the day before for Washington so that Lohberg could undergo a series of tests at the National Institutes of Health to find out exactly how serious his diagnosis of aplastic anemia is.

“All day they tested me. Some of them were quite painful including the bone marrow biopsy. Man, that hurt. They will start pretty aggressive therapy most likely on Monday. We are waiting for one or two more results.”

Aplastic anemia is a rare disorder that stops bone marrow from producing new blood cells. What type of treatment is available for the disorder? A bone marrow transplant or blood transfusions.

Lohberg’s star swimmer is 41-year-old Dara Torres, who obviously is extremely upset over Lohberg’s condition.

“It’s so awful, really, really terrible,” she said by phone from California. “I can’t even talk about it right now. I haven’t stopped crying.”

Lohberg’s other swimmers include Anne Poleska (Germany) Sharntelle McLean (Trinidad and Tobago), Anne Poleska (Germany), Josh Laban (U.S. Virgin Islands), Vlad Polyakov (Kazakhstan) and Arlene Semeco, Leo Anrada and Eric Volcan of Venezuela.

As a biography, we know that Michael Lohberg is 58 years old. He is married to his wife Birgit (who is a former Olympic swimmer). Together they have two children – Stephanie is 18 and Christopher is 16. He graduated from the University of Cologne in Germany.

Lohberg is a six time Olympic swimming coach. He has had swimmers qualify for all of the Olympics dating back from 1984. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, four of his swimmers participated and Anne Poleska won the bronze in the 200m breaststroke.

His former team, SSF Bonn, won five German National Team Championships. He moved to the United States, where he coached the St. Croix Dolphins and Mission Bay Mako’s. He finally landed in Coral Springs, Florida, where he is the National Team Head Coach.

Click below for more photos of Michael Lohberg.

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