Bonds ties Aaron at 755 Home Runs (Video)

August 4, 2007

With one steroid-enhanced swing of the bat, Barry Bonds tied Hank Aaron at 755 home runs today.

The dubious home run came against the San Diego Padres in the 2nd inning against pitcher Clay Hensley in front of a suspicious television audience and packed stadium.

Henry Aaron was not in attendance for the historic moment. Bonds has tried to brush this fact off, and Aaron is talking but the message is loud and clear. Bonds is a great player, but Aaron believes like most of us that the record is tarnished. And by paying homage to Bonds, he would be legitimizing the record with his presence.

I am also struck that his teammates, other than Ryan Klesko who hugged him, formed only a subdued greeting line, well away from the plate.

Next up is 756 and more rolling eyes from pure baseball fans. Let’s get the moment over with and move on with the game.

The video of Bond’s historic home run is below.

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