Alex Rodriguez Sex Tape Video?

July 21, 2008

It seems that Alex Rodriguez and Madonna are in the midst of a sex tape scandal. Seriously? See photos and video of Madonna and Alex Rodriguez below.

X17online reported that a friend of Madonna (whom she knows through Kaballah) let Alex Rodriguez and Madonna use her apartment for some alleged afternoon lovin’. Evidently a friend of the apartment’s owner (gee, who just happened to be a photographer) found out about the arrangement and installed a hidden camera (unbeknownst to the owner) in the living room of the apartment and made sure that it was pointing directly to the couch.

The sex tape video reportedly was taped two months ago. A source revealed to Britain’s Daily Star said:

“If footage was obtained in this way it would be an outrageous invasion of privacy. But more than that he would not have had his friend’s consent to install the camera and must have entered the apartment without approval to hide it. He would be guilty of voyeurism. Instead of making a million he’d be going to jail for a few years.”

The photographer contacted x17online and wanted them to market the video, but the photog’s brother shopped around and contacted the Daily Mirror, who reportedly offered $2 million for the x-rated sex tape.

I can’t believe for one second that this alleged sex tape video even exists. What do you think?

Click below for more photos and video of Alex Rodriguez and Madonna.

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