Peyton Manning Knee Surgery

July 15, 2008

Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning is out for a reported six weeks due to knee surgery. Get the details here. Photos after the jump.

Quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning, is out of commission following knee surgery. Manning’s surgery was said to be routine and will keep the player off the field for six weeks.

The surgery was needed to remove an infected bursa sac from the thirty-two year old’s left knee. Currently the Colts president does not have plans to start another QB even with Peyton out due to an injury. Manning will reportedly miss all of training camp, scheduled to start on July 24th, and an estimated total of five preseason games this coming season. He does, however, appear to be in good spirits about his short leave of absence.

“I’m going into my 11th year. I’m 32, but I really feel I’m in a younger body than that,” Manning said last week. “I feel I’m in a 28-year-old body because I’ve had great protection from my offensive line. I feel that’s hopefully going to allow me to play a number of more years.”

President of the team, Bill Polian, is confident Manning will make a full recovery within the six weeks to join his Indianapolis teammates. He is said to be doing well.

For more photos of Peyton Manning click below.

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