Jose Canseco Says Madonna Tried To Seduce Him!

July 11, 2008

Madonna’s big brother, Chris Ciccone, has yet to release his much anticipated tell-all and already some major dirt is bubbling to the surface without his help! Not only has Madonna been reportedly involved in a love affair with ARod, causing a serious rift in her marriage, the singer is now being linked to Jose Canseco!

Canseco, who released his own page turner titled “Vindicated”, is now spilling the beans (again! the former steroid user divulged the juicy gossip in his book which obviously didn’t make into the bestseller status!) about a play of seduction between himself and the queen in re-invention!

Dating back to 1991, Madonna apparently tried to coerce the former baseball star, at her L.A. home, into having a baby. Being married at the time, Canseco says Madonna offered to financially back him if the affair was discovered by his wife! Canseco says he declined the offer and now 19 years later has decided to share the information again!

Canseco says Madonna “came over and said ‘what would you do if I kissed you?’ and then sat on my lap and kissed me. “I then told her I was trying to work things out with my wife. That if I left her I would lose a lot of money and she said, ‘I have lots of money. Don’t worry about that.'”

For more photos of Jose Canseco & Madonna click below.

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