Erin Crocker Needs To Find a New Team and a New Boyfriend

July 27, 2007

NASCAR team owner Ray Evernham said today in Indianapolis that the best thing for his driver girlfriend Erin Crocker to do right now is to find a new race team. He believes that the personal relationship that he and Erin have is what hurt her career. See more photos of Erin below.

“I think the girl has a lot of talent. But if I sit here and say to somebody, ‘Look, she’s got a lot of talent, you should sponsor her,’ my credibility is not good because of the personal relationship.”

First of all, Ray should be ashamed of himself for dating one of his drivers who is half his age. You are old enough to be her father. Was it worth divorcing your wife Mary of 19 years for this pretty redhead? Now the poor girl has to go find herself a new race team. She should also find herself a new boyfriend.

Here are more photos of the pretty redhead, Erin Crocker:

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