Leisel Jones is Hot Australian Olympic Swimmer

July 7, 2008

Meet Leisel Jones, Australian Olympic and record breaking swimmer. She’ll be competing for Australia in Beijing. Read her biography and see some hot photos of her and a video below.

Australian swimming champion, Leisel Jones, opted to sit out competition in Sydney this weekend to allow more time for her groin injuries to heal before the Olympic games in Beijing. With only a month left before the games, she says she didn’t want to risk further aggravating the injury and to give herself more healing time before she competes in the 2008 Olympics.

The five time Olympic medalist is favored to win three gold medals in China next month.

Leisel Marie Jones was born on August 30, 1985 in Katherine, NT, Australia. She is 23-years-old. She currently lives in Melbourne. She first started learning to swim for water safety when she was just two years old. She attended Southern Cross Catholic College in Queensland and is currently attending Australian Institute of Applied Science in Queensland working on a degree in Beauty Therapy.

When she was 15-years-old, she was the youngest ever Olympic swimming medalist when she won the silver at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She also participated in the 2004 Athens Olympics. In all, she has brought home one gold, three silver and one bronze Olympic medals. She holds seven gold medals, three silver medals and one bronze medal from four FINA world championships. She also holds seven gold medals from two Commonwealth games.

Leisel has said that she takes her inspiration from Muhammad Ali and Jimmy Braddock. She considers Muhammad Ali one of the finest persons in sports. In addition to swimming, she participates in gymnastics, netball, tennis and physical culture.

She is engaged to be married and has a tramp-stamp in the shape of the Olympic rings.

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2 Responses to “Leisel Jones is Hot Australian Olympic Swimmer”

  1. 1
    numphawn singnakpoom Says:

    i watch you on the tv and congraduation to you that you win the gold medal
    your sincery
    numphawn singnakpoom

  2. 2
    georgia kate cigana Says:

    Dear leisel Marie Jones

    Hi i am georgia cigana and i have watched you swimming at Beijing. Will you come to saint pats in cooma i will give you a box of chocolates if you come and bring your medals and talk about your life

    From Georgia & Louise