Russian Cheerleaders: Hot Photos

July 14, 2008

There’s only one thing that can describe Russian Cheerleaders – HOT. Check out their photos and video here to judge for yourself.

We have the folks over at English Russia to thank for posting all of the pictures of these hottie Russian cheerleaders. Their costumes aren’t your typical cheerleader outfits, are they?

They are quite famous in Russia, and they are two time winners of Russia’s Cheerleaders of the Year competition. These ladies take their cheerleading duties seriously, traveling to the team facility six days a week for a two hour training session. They don’t use pom poms, but perform choreographed dances instead. The women are also the target of tabloid fodder, often calling the girls “maneaters”, as they claim they are merely cheerleading as a way to have affairs with the players. See so much more of them here.

Would you say these Russian cheerleaders are hotter than the American cheerleaders? See tons of pics of them here.

Click below for more photos and video of Russian cheerleaders.

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