Ball Girl Great Catch Video

July 2, 2008

The ball girl great catch video has been making its rounds on the internet. The viral video is actually a commercial by the folks over at Gatorade. Check it out below.

ball girl catch
Ball Girl Great Catch Viral Video

You can see the ball girl scale the walls out in left field to catch a foul ball, and, of course, the video has created quite a buzz online. It was originally posted on June 3rd and a couple days later, Advertising Age reviewed the spot and gave it a thumbs up. Good Morning America even gave it a plug, thus giving the video even more attention.

The commercial landed on YouTube and was posted there by Harvest Films. They are the production company affiliated with Element 79, a Chicago based advertising agency who put together the video. Element 79 has worked with Gatorade since 2002.

The original spot made a reference to Gatorade when describing the video, but then copies were made and shared without Gatorade even being mentioned. The only thing you see about Gatorade in the spot is when the ball girl takes a seat after the catch and you can see a Gatorade bottle by her feet.

See the video of the ball girl making the catch below.

Ball Girl Great Catch Video

Photo Source: YouTube

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