Houston Astros’ Shawn Chacon: Suspended Indefinitely

June 25, 2008

Houston Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon has been suspended indefinitely after an altercation with manager Ed Wade. See photos and video below.

Shawn Chacon got into a heated argument with Astros manager Ed Wade in the clubhouse an hour before the Astros’ game against the Texas Rangers. Wade “started yelling and cussing” at Chacon. The yelling didn’t stop and Chacon ultimately grabbed Wade by the neck and threw him to the ground. He jumped on top of Wade and more words were exchanged. Chacon had said that he remembers Reggie Abercrombie separating him from Wade. Wade said:

“He is suspended pending final resolution of whatever move we end up making with him.�?

Chacon had expressed to a Houston TV station earlier that he wanted to be traded. He was not a happy camper about being sent to the bullpen last weekend. Wade said:

“He didn’t have the right to demand a trade. His agent talked to me a couple of days ago but that had nothing to do with the suspension today.”

It is not known if Chacon’s suspension would be without pay.

Click below for more photos and video of Shawn Chacon.

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    Houston Locksmith Says:

    I would not agree more. I have reside and labored inside the Houston region for a lot of yrs, and this is actually exactly how I feel. Regards!