Mary Lou Retton: Weight Loss Help

June 22, 2008

Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Gold Medalist, has announced the launch of Mary Lou’s Weight, an invention that is aimed at helping with long-term weight loss. Read about it below and see photos and a video of Mary Lou.

Mary Lou Retton has reinvented the bathroom scale. She and co-creator Ron Hunt, a world renowned inventor, have taken the dreaded bathroom scale and made it encouraging rather than the instrument of torture many of us think of it as.

The new scale is Mary Lou’s Weight. It works by recording your weight, but not displaying it. That way you aren’t slapped in the face with it when you step on it in the morning. You use it in conjunction with any diet and exercise regime that works for you. As you use the scale, it displays how much weight you have lost … or gained … rather than your actual weight.

When you have lost 10 pounds, it automatically resets so you can either maintain at that weight or set a goal of losing another ten pounds. The idea is to break the weight loss goals down into manageable increments so that its not so overwhelming. Ten pounds is a lot less frustrating to lose than fifty pounds!

“With obesity at an all-time high, I wanted to invent something that would change the way people approached weight loss,�? said Ron Hunt, inventor and co-creator of Mary Lou’s Weigh. “Mary Lou is goal-oriented, motivating, encouraging, and health-conscience, so it made perfect sense to co-create a product that exudes her character for people to use.�?

Of course, it comes with the requisite motivational materials to read and listen to.

So what do you think? Do you think a product like this would be helpful and motivational in your efforts at losing weight and getting fit?

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4 Responses to “Mary Lou Retton: Weight Loss Help”

  1. 1
    jen Says:

    Wow, that is a really interesting idea. I wonder if it will work for people?

  2. 2
    Dianna Says:

    hi i need help to lose weaght i have a wedding on in 2 mounths

  3. 3
    Michael Says:

    It is actually called May Lou’s Weigh, not Mary Lou’s Weight.

  4. 4
    Trying To Lose Weight Says:

    Hey nice blog! Its good to see that some people still put time into there site.