Gisele Bundchen: Hot GQ Cover!

June 17, 2008

Gisele Bundchen, girlfriend of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, rocks the latest cover of GQ Magazine. See photos below.

The Brazilian supermodel, who last year made a whopping $35 million, nearly bared all for her hot July GQ cover. You can see it here.

She sat down with the mag and talked about her boyfriend, Tom Brady whom she met through a mutual friend….he thought thought Gisele and Tom would like each other. Here they are a year and a half later, still together.

“I think we have a lot of things in common, and I think he is a really great person. He really genuinely doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. And he is a very positive person.�?

She talked about her job as a model, saying:

“This is exactly how I would describe my work: I get there, I put on the clothes, I leave it on the hangar, and I go home,” says the matter-of-fact model. “And that’s what I do.”

Gee, life is rough, isn’t it?

See more photos of Gisele Bundchen, GQ’s July cover girl, after the jump!

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