PETA Thinks Jessica Simpson Is Stupid

June 16, 2008

Jessica Simpson, on again/off again girlfriend to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, was seen Friday at LAX sporting a “Real Girls Eat Meat” T-shirt. Check out the photos below.

Okay, so Jess is a meat eater…well maybe not buffalo, heh heh, but she had to know she would come under fire by vegetarians alike for wearing the tee.

It didn’t take long for PETA to blast the buxom blonde for wearing such a T-shirt. As you can see from the above picture, they added their own spin on the shirt…They also gave their top five reasons why “stupid girls brag about eating meat”.

1) Meat increases the risk of breast cancer.
2) Real girls don’t support animal abuse.
3) The meat industry is destroying the Earth.
4) Meat will make you fat.
5) Eating meat steals food from starving kids.

Check out more photos of Jessica Simpson below.

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One Response to “PETA Thinks Jessica Simpson Is Stupid”

  1. 1
    j-leo Says:

    Who the hell cares what a bunch of nobodies like PETA thinks? Since when did they become the arbitor of anything?
    Peta? ram up your collective butts nobody cares what you think. no you’ll excuse me while I eat this steak and thus assure another tax paying American has a job.