Becky Hammon: Team Russia in the 2008 Olympics

June 14, 2008

Becky Hammon is causing some controversy by choosing to play for Team Russia in the 2008 Olympics. Read about it and see photos and a video of the story below.

Becky Hammon is an all-American girl who grew up in America’s heartland. She plays as a point guard for the San Antonio Silver Stars and in the off-season has been playing for a professional team in Russia. All of that is well and good, until she opted to play for Team Russia in the 2008 Olympics. Her coach has called her a ‘traitor’ and she’s asked about her decision every where she goes.

What if its the last play of the last game, Team USA vs Team Russia, she;s up for the shot and ….. She says she’s played through all those scenarios in her head. She reminds us that Russia is not the Russia of the Cold War and asserts that people wouldn’t be so upset about her decision if she were playing for a country like Switzerland. In fact, a number of American players play for other countries pretty routinely in the Olympics.

Hammon’s case has attracted so much attention because she is a popular player and …. its Russia.

It comes down to age and money. She is 31-years-old and wasn’t offered a spot on Team USA until after she had signed to play with Russia. Also, Russia, the former Soviet Union, basically bought her. She was offered $2 million to play for a professional team there on the off-season here. They then fast-tracked her for citizenship which made her eligible to play on the Russian team. That’s a fine example of Capitalism coming right from the heart of Moscow.

It turns out that everything is alright now that there are rumors that she is a descendant of Grand Duchess Anastasia! Ha!

Check out Becky Hammon’s biography.

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