Mauricia Grant is NASCAR Discrimination Harassment Lawsuit

June 10, 2008

Meet Mauricia Grant, a former NASCAR official who is now suing NASCAR for $225 million, alleging that she was racially and sexually discriminated against, was sexually harassed and was wrongfully terminated. See photos and a biography of Mauricia below.

Mauricia Grant, a former Technical Inspector and Official for NASCAR, is suing the racing giant for $225 million. She alleges racial and sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Mauricia, who is Black, told the Associated Press:

“I loved it. It was a great, exciting, adrenaline-filled job where I worked with fast cars and the best drivers in the world. But there was an ongoing daily pattern (of harassment). It was the nature of the people I worked with, the people who ran it, it trickled down from the top. It’s just the way things are in the garage.”

In the lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, she alleges that co-workers called her “Nappy Headed Mo” and “Queen Sheba. She also claims that she was told she worked on “colored people time”. A co-worker had also allegedly made reference to the Ku Klux Klan. The lawsuit cites 23 incidents of alleged sexual harassment and 34 incidents of alleged racial and gender discrimination. All of the incidents claimed to have occurred when she was hired in January 2005 until her firing in October 2007.

Grant acknowledges in the lawsuit that she complained on several occasions to her supervisor on how she was being treated but nothing was ever done about it. Nationwide Series director Joe Balash even told her at one point that her co-workers are “former military guys with a rough sense of humor” and she should just “deal with it”.

NASCAR has not reviewed the lawsuit as of yet, but according to spokesman Ramsey Poston:

“As an equal opportunity employer, NASCAR is fully committed to the spirit and letter of affirmative action law. NASCAR has a zero tolerance policy for harassment.”

UPDATE 6/12: NASCAR chairman Brian France is denying claims that Mauricia complained to her supervisors of racial discrimination or that she was being sexually harassed. He said:

“The disappointing thing is she makes a lot of claims, none of them reported. The fact that it went on as she stated, for many months, but never bothered to tell anyone at management what was going on — which is what our policy says — is very disappointing. We would have liked, if those type things were in fact going on, we would have loved to have done an investigation and a review of such an allegation.”

As a biography, Mauricia Grant was born in The Bronx and is 32 years old. She was raised by her mother, who was a single parent, and she has three siblings. Mauricia graduated from Stony Brook University and worked in the entertainment industry. She quit her job and enrolled in the Brakes and Suspension course at the Automotive Training Center. She graduated from the Center with honors. She eventually got a job as a Technical Inspector and Official for NASCAR’s Nationwide Series, where she certified cars upon her hiring in January 2005 until her termination.

More photos of Mauricia Grant are below.

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9 Responses to “Mauricia Grant is NASCAR Discrimination Harassment Lawsuit”

  1. 1
    Mike Says:

    I was just wondering why this girl thinks she is worthy of more than $200M. And why is it that she was on the job for more than two years, and had never filled a formal written complaint about those who were supposedly harassing her? By her own account, her relatives “noted” harassment while visiting her at Daytona last year. Well if it was the Daytona 500, (February) she had time to document all of the wrongs committed, but didn’t have time to sit down and draft a letter? This woman is just another in a long line of people who want something for nothing. Don’t bother working for it, just DEMAND that somebody just hand it over. By the way, that job pays about $30K, which is about 7,500 years of salary.

    Hey lady, you want free money? Get pregnant. The feds will send you check every month.

  2. 2
    Patty Tripp Says:

    I just finished reading the lawsuit filed by MAURICIA GRANT, including the allegations. I find it difficult to believe that there is not a grain of truth considering the documentation of detail over a 2 year period. Race AND gender discrimination is STILL rampant in this country. If it takes something like this to change it, more power to her and others in the same situation! I can understand her not wanting to file a suit against her employer, but THEY fired HER for “poor job performance after giving her 2 years of good and above average performance evaulations. I will be looking forward to hearing about her day in court. If it gets that far. If NASCAR is smart, they will cut their losses, settle and clean up their act.

  3. 3
    Barry Says:

    The “GOOD OLE BOY”s need a wake up call to todays life….I am a 56 year old white male and support you in your lawsuit…I do not feel it is about “money” you are after,I could be wrong but I have seen too much discrimination in my life and am sick and tired of it…Good Luck to you, I hope you are successful….

  4. 4
    dave gee Says:

    this is total crap. some wanna be is looking for quick cash.incompetents looking for excuses for failure. oh also play the race card. oh also play the sexist card.give her a dollar a boot in the ass and send her down the road.

  5. 5
    shotdsherrif Says:

    If she was just in this for the cash, she wouldn’t be going about this way. I’m quite sure NASCAR has a long trail of these types of issues being settled ‘out of court’ to protect their good ole boy network. The way she is going about it implies she’s seeking change within a multi-billion $ business that she still has a passion for. She’s concentrating on asking for professionalism in the sport and for ignorance to be truly addressed. I don’t think its about the money for her. Could be wrong but she is saying all the right things to this point. I wish her well.

  6. 6
    Judy Says:

    I know this chick personally. Based on her personality I can’t help but think she’s exaggerating, but what the hell do I know. She always came across to me as extremely entitled, and this coming from a black woman with a similar background. But I’m also not an idiot. It’s hard to believe that an environment like NASCAR isn’t sexist and racist. Maybe not maliciously so, but get a bunch of testosterone filled white men together and something iffy is bound to come out of their mouths.

    And Mo, I officially can’t stand your ass.

  7. 7
    Biggusdiccuss Says:


  8. 8
    Don Says:

    The case was just settled and she is “very, very happy”, which I believe she surely is.
    Neither Nascar or her admit wrongdoing in the confidential settlement she received.

    The sheer fact that she didn’t ever file a formal complaint about all of it is proving to me that she just wanted an out of court settlement. She’s not stupid. Neither are we.

    She KNEW they would settle out of court. You don’t think she talked over her “strategy” with relatives and close friends before bringing the suit ? Come on ! Of course ! EVERYONE talks with SOMEONE.

    I’m sure the amount was between 25-50 million just to “go away”. Just another day in America…..How did they come up with 225 million in the first place ? Why not 221.7 M, or 214.3 M ????

    The lawyers figured the amount out for her. Then the lawyers knew Nascar wouldn’t like all the bad publicity, which is an hour late and dollar short, because they were already painted as villains. The LAWYERS KNEW NASCAR WOULD SETTLE OUT OF COURT. Even getting 20 % of what they asked for out of the 225 Mil is still 45 Mil, after the lawyer takes 1/3 she would get 30 Mil.

    Scam, Sham, and Shame ……

    I want to sue my doctor who delivered me for circumcising me. I wasn’t given any anasthesia for the procedure, and while at it, let me sue the hospital for letting it happen on their property – haha. I’m joking.

  9. 9
    steve Says:

    calling all black women ! get yours !what a great idea go work with a bunch of good ol boys pretty much force your way into nascar through afirmative action and get paid ! sounds like it was planned give this girl credit she knew what she was doing . im curious to see about her passion for nascar now that she’s paid !