Ben Roethlisberger’s Girlfriend Missy Peregrym Is Hot! (Photos)

July 25, 2007

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has himself a new girlfriend in the likes of former Heroes star Missy Peregrym (see more photos of her below). Apparently they’ve been dating since the early part of the year, but they have been seen together more and more now that the Steelers’ training camp has officially opened. Just recently they were spotted taking in a Pittsburgh Pirates game. She has regularly been flying back and forth from L.A. to Pittsburgh to visit Big Ben.

Missy, 25, hails from Canada and starred in the film “Stick It”. She has now been cast on a new CW show for the fall titled “Reaper”.

See more photos of Ben’s hot girlfriend…

missy peregrym

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22 Responses to “Ben Roethlisberger’s Girlfriend Missy Peregrym Is Hot! (Photos)”

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  1. 1
    McCain Says:

    She sure is!

  2. 2
    Sports Gossip » Best Way to Shed a Label? Win. Says:

    […] here were the responses: “Does this hurt or enhance her chances to do Playboy?�? and “Ben’s new chick is way […]

  3. 3
    matt Says:

    hey ben i got a ben pin your girlfrend is hot 

  4. 4
    matt Says:

    hey ben i got a ben pin your girlfrend is so hot i can make cookies on her . don’t hate me for that it is just that she is so so so hot . Matt

  5. 5
    tim Says:

    Smoking body but she looks like a man.
    Plus who the heck had heard of her before she dated Ben?
    When he retires from football Ben should go into PR or become an agent. He skyrocketed her career big time. No talent yet she was everywhere. Looks like 5 minutes of fame are done though. Not that it matters. She will, or has, marry Ben and live off him.

  6. 6
    mallory Says:

    tim, Missy has been famous since she was 18, obviously you just werent aware of it. Get your facts straight buddy. And shes effin gorgeous and is far from looking like a man, and she doesn’t need a fu****g man to live off of, she makes her damn money by herself. men are worthless pigs

  7. 7
    jamie Says:

    mallory.. first of all, i agree with tim.. she does look like a man.. ben is hott and he could do better than her!.. she has a nice body, but ugly face.. maybe since she’s so “famous” and has money, she could go get some plastic surgery b/c she’s ugly as sin!.. and i have never heard of her either.. but then again, i’m from AMERICA, not canada!

  8. 8
    Erica Says:

    I’m Ben’s biggest fan and would just like to say she better be good to him. Rub his neck for me one good time I hope he feels better by the Monday night I will be watchin.

  9. 9
    Laura Says:


  10. 10
    some1 Says:

    OMG what a fanatic fans. However, lets Ben decide himself. Missy not bad. We just don’t know her. She still God’s creature. If ya know what i mean. :)

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