Tony Romo Tells Jessica Simpson’s Dad to Back Off

May 30, 2008

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson’s relationship has been on and off, and it was revealed recently that the reason for their split a couple weeks ago was none other than Jessica’s father, Papa Joe Simpson.

Tony did take Jessica to little sis Ashlee’s wedding to Pete Wentz, and they were seen being quite affectionate with each other. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a college friend of Romo had said that he agreed to take Jess to Ashlee’s wedding because “he made it super-clear that if they were to give it another go, her dad had to seriously back off.” The source said that Romo and Simpson’s “back on” status is a “trial thing”, as long as Papa Joe “leaves them alone” and he not give Tony advice on “life, career and endorsement deals”.

See more photos of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo below.

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2 Responses to “Tony Romo Tells Jessica Simpson’s Dad to Back Off”

  1. 1
    Carmen Biancardi Says:

    Way to go Romo

  2. 2
    steve Says:

    hey homo romo you suck ,and ur a choke artist.I love the cowboys but they should have gotten rid of u last long as ur at huddle we will never go t the big dance.