Kenna DiMartini: Maid Who Cleaned Out $40,000 Worth of Jewelry? (Photos)

May 30, 2008

Meet Kenna DiMartini, a person of interest in the odd jewelry theft case in Florida. See photos and a biography of Kenna below.

ABC Action News reported that Kenna DiMartini is a “person of interest” in connection with the case of a man hiring a “nude maid” off of Craigslist who literally cleaned his home of his wife’s jewelry – $40,000 worth.

The husband’s wife, who wished to remain anonymous, told ABC Action News that she was out of town caring for her ill mother when she came home and found that her jewelry was missing. The husband gave Dimartini’s website address to the cops and gave a description. Hmmm, would have loved to heard that one…Now the wife is pissed and wants a divorce

“I’m gonna divorce him, because I can’t trust him. He violated every core of marriage and trust,” she said.

As a biography, Kenna DiMartini is 22 years old and apparently lives in Tampa, Florida. She would love to model in Spain, Italy or Japan. She is hoping to one day appear in Maxim, Stuff, FHM, and most especially Playboy or Penthouse.

Evidently she is taken, boys…she already has a girlfriend.

More photos of Kenna DiMartini below.

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