Alyssa Milano Dating Yet Another MLB Player

July 24, 2007

Alyssa Milano (who is such a hottie, check out her photos below) is dating yet another MLB player. Who is it this time? Why, it’s none other than Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Russell Martin. Sources say that she flirted with Martin at the all-star game on July 11 and was overheard telling a friend that she thought he was cute. Heh, what are we, 12?

She wrote about the meet up on her blog:

“Okay, yeah, so I finally met Russell Martin. No big deal. And yeah, I was cool. Yup. And I didn’t have sweaty palms. Nope. I didn’t get star struck. Nope. I wasn’t even weak in the knees. Nope. My upper lip did NOT start sweating nor did I get blotchy and break out in hives. Phew. Thank God not one of those embarrassing things happened. I was cool as a cucumber. No big deal.”

Martin is not the first MLB player she’s been smitten with, she’s been linked to pitchers Barry Zito, Carl Pavano, and Brad Penny. Ya think those guys have gotten to more than first base with her? Okay, sorry, that was crude. Ha.

Check out some sexy photos of Alyssa. They’re smokin’!

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