Anna Bessonova: Rhythmic Gymnast HOT (Photos and Video)

May 28, 2008

Meet Anna Bessonova, a rhythmic gymnast from the Ukraine. See photos, video and a biography of Anna here.

In an effort to bring you the hottest female athletes around, we present to you Ukraine rhythmic gymnast Anna Bessonova. She is favored to win the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics event this summer. I think any chick who can be as flexible as Anna is would be deemed HOT by the boys. Just look at what her body can do in the video below…

As a biography, Anna Bessonova was born on July 29, 1984 in Kiev. Her father, Vladimir Bessonov, is a former Dynamo Kiev football player and her mother, Viktoria Bessonova, is a former two time world champion group rhythmic gymnast.

Anna started gymnastics when she was 5 years old and entered her first international competition at age 10. Anna won her very first World gold medal in 2002, when she was a member of the Ukrainian Group and performed her ribbon routine. That same year, she won first place for Hoop, Rope and Clubs.

She competed in the 2004 Athens Olympics and received a bronze medal. Anna won the all around gold medal in the 2007 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Greece. She will no doubt shine during the Beijing Summer Olympics.

See pictures of her 2008 Calendar over at

More photos and video of Anna Bessonova below.

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