Italian Soccer Streakers (Photos and Video)

May 27, 2008

Usually when you think of streakers, you think of the drunk guys who are dared by their friends to bare all and streak across a field. Lately, we’ve been lucky enough to have some mighty hot women streakers in our midst. Take, for example, the lovely Italian soccer streakers who pounced upon the Italian Azzurri National Team’s first day of practice. Great photos and video below!

Thanks to our friends at Busted Coverage for alerting us to these Italian hotties. According to, these beauties were part of a publicity stunt for the TV show “Lucignolo”. Unfortunately for us, they didn’t do the full fledged streaker ensemble (nude), but bikinis are better than nothing, aren’t they?

Will these hot Italian soccer streakers land in Playboy just like American streaker Tiffany May did? You boys can only hope…

Check out photos and video of the hot Italian soccer streakers below.

See the photos of the Italian soccer streakers here.

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One Response to “Italian Soccer Streakers (Photos and Video)”

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    Andres Cruz Says:

    Italian women are well fit, well done girls, shame there’s no English birds with your class, the English don’t even come close. Forza Italia!