Bill Maas takes more Drugs than Barry Bonds

July 7, 2007

Hard to believe, but they found marijuana, cocaine, and ecstacy in Fox Sports announcer Bill Maas’ car. By the way, they also founded a loaded handgun. All of this according to the local television station which broke the news in Peoria, Illinois.

This must be some kind of record for athlete indulgence. Three illegal drugs and a pistol no less for Bill Maas? What, no booze? At least wash the stuff down with an open container if you want to drive around drugged up and a dangerous menace to society. And you are not alone in wondering if he is hiding red-eye in this photo.

Needlessly to say, Bill Maas was arrested for drug possession while Barry Bonds continues to gobble down steroids in a sad pursuit of the home run record. Those are the breaks.

And of course, reckless behavior is nothing new for this dopey-headed former NFL football player. Who could forget that Maas was accused of groping a female bartender although there was no arrest that time.

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