Vanessa Curry Is Kobe Bryant’s Affair? (Photos and Video)

May 21, 2008

Meet Vanessa Curry, a Laker Girl who is allegedly having an affair with Los Angeles Lakers MVP Kobe Bryant, according to an internet source. See photos, video and a biography of Vanessa below.

Gossip site The Dirty claims to have once again uncovered some major dirt. The say that Vanessa Curry, a Laker Girl on the 2007-2008 squad, is rumored to have had an affair with Kobe Bryant. The Dirty says they have a “source” who has pictures of the two as well. News of this possible affair probably didn’t bode well with the powers that be at the Lakers organization. Ms. Vanessa Curry soon resigned as a Laker Girl. Vanessa’s link on the Laker Girl website is gone. Check it out here. The folks at the Lakers camp claim that Vanessa resigned from the squad on her own so that she could pursue a “hosting career”. Vanessa #1 (his wife) surely will not take news of this very well, or she may just get another freakin’ $4 million ring out of it…

We’re skeptics about whether this is true or not, but that is the rumor being reported. We challenge The Dirty to produce the photos so everyone can see for themselves.

As a biography, Vanessa graduated from Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California.

This was Vanessa’s first year on the Lakers squad and is a professional dancer for TV and film. Vanessa loves to work out, shop, go horse back riding and spend time with her family and friends.

The above info was found here (photos of Vanessa are there too!). I’m surprised that link was still available…

More photos and video of Vanessa Curry below.

See the photos of Vanessa here.

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18 Responses to “Vanessa Curry Is Kobe Bryant’s Affair? (Photos and Video)”

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  1. 1
    » Kobe Bryant: Affair with Laker Girl Vanessa Curry? (Photos) | Jeanette’s Celebrity Corner Says:

    […] can see more photos of Vanessa Curry here. Tags:Vanessa Curry Hot Celebrity Fashion and […]

  2. 2
    Skeptic Says:

    Doubt it.Its playoffs time so all kinds of rumors are going to start. I know someone who is close to Vanessa and it’s not true, even if there ARE pictures of them together. Mind your own business anyway.

  3. 3
    r Says:

    what a ho bag…

  4. 4
    J Says:

    What a load of crap!

    When you start writing grammatically correct, maybe, just maybe you’ll have some credibility. Ahem “The say that Vanessa Curry, a Laker Girl on the 20087-2008 squad…” ahem.


  5. 5
    kc Says:

    hey skeptic i hope wat ur sayin is true

  6. 6
    CO-ED Magazine » Kobe Bryant Caught Cheating On His Wife… Again! Says:

    […] been reported in The Dirty that her husband, NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant has been cheating on her with 18 year-old LA Laker’s dancer Vanessa Curry. Didn’t see that one […]

  7. 7
    Denise Says:

    This is a load of gargage. Pick on someone else. She is a great role model and a very nice lady.

    Get the facts……….idiots.

  8. 8 Says:

    Vanessa Curry is hot, but she don’t got nothing on some of the chicks on Check out the latest in FREE anonymous adult social networking!

  9. 9
    Lucy Says:

    she is way hotter than Kobe’s wife!

  10. 10
    jon Says:

    I use to know this girl we went 2 school 2gether its so crazy 2 watch her have affairs with famous people.

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