The Greatest Upset in NBA History

May 3, 2007

The Golden State Warriors crushed the Dallas Mavericks in Game 6 of the playoffs to complete the most unlikely of upsets in the history of the NBA. They are already calling it the greatest upset in NBA history. I do not know about that, but it sure sounds nice right now.

From the gritty dominance of Baron Davis to the aerobatics of Jason Richardson, the Warriors thoroughly dominated the Mavs in this series. They were better outside shooters, better in the paint, far quicker to the basket, better on defense, and out-hustled Dallas at every facet of the game.

Golden State utterly embarrassed Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks by 25 points in the clinching game, 111-86. The entire second half was played to a raucous standing crowd, a sea of gold celebrating as each wondrous second counted down on the clock.

This is a particular sweet night for me, as I’ve suffered through 13 losing seasons to see my Warriors team finally make the playoffs again. Now I have the most pleasant of surprises ahead — another unexpected game in a new series.

The Warriors streaked into the playoffs, just barely eeking out a winning record, 42 wins to 40, on the last day of the season. Dallas finished with a mountain of 67 wins. It was a foregone conclusion that Dallas would beat the Warriors before the series began, but the old saying is that it ain’t over til it’s over.

As each starter exited the game in the waning minutes, Warriors coach Don Nelson stood vindicated at last. He got affectionate and lasting hugs from each starter, a far cry from his last coaching stint in Oakland.

This great coach was dumped by the Warriors after they drafted the cancerous Chris Webber so many years ago. And between Webber and the gang-banger Latrell Sprewell, management let the players destroy a solid basketball franchise.

Nellie stands tall tonight, and his new Warriors team has finally exercised the demons of their past.

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One Response to “The Greatest Upset in NBA History”

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    joshua Says:

    Don Nelson Smokes Cubans!
    just got my GOLDEN STATE ‘WE BELIEVE’ t-shirt!
    Go Warriors!