Vivian Burkhardt: Lewis Hamilton’s Girlfriend (Photos & Video)

May 20, 2008

Meet Vivian Burkhardt, a former Miss World runner-up and girlfriend to Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. See photos, video and a biography of Vivian below.

Vivian Burkhardt makes the news after being seen accompanying Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton this past weekend at Cannes. Vivian was flown from her Caribbean home to France, where she joined Hamilton at the Indiana Jones premiere. They bunked at the Carlton Hotel together and were seen leaving the hotel.

A rep for Hamilton said:

“Lewis brought a group of friends to Cannes for the film festival after being invited to the premiere by George Lucas. He and Vivian know each other from Grenada where Lewis often visits for family reasons. ”

Lewis will compete in the Grand Prix race this weekend, but no word yet if Vivian will accompany him. Lewis’ publicist said that “he normally likes to concentrate before big races.”

I wonder how long this relationship will last, as everyone knows Lewis has had a long string of girlfriends since his breakup with his girlfriend of four years, Jodia Ma, last June.

As a biography, Vivian Burkhardt was born on January 24, 1986 in Germany. She is 22 years old. Vivian is 5’8″. Even though she was born in Germany, she has grown up in Grenada and has Grenadian background, as her mother was born there.

She has an Associate’s Degree in Natural Science from TA Marryshow Community College and currently is a student at St. George’s University in Grenada. She hopes to become a doctor one day. She is also fluent in French, German and English.

Vivan was crowned Miss Grenada on March 31, 2007. During the pageant, she was received the People’s Choice Award and Miss Fitness Award. She went on to compete in the Miss World pageant in China, where she was one of the 16 semi-finalists.

More photos and video of Vivian Burkhardt are below.

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6 Responses to “Vivian Burkhardt: Lewis Hamilton’s Girlfriend (Photos & Video)”

  1. 1
    vivian Says:

    I think Vivian Burkhardt is very ugly!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    zero Says:

    lol I think she is decent looking; however it is the lack of character on the inside that is of concern.. She has been know for making out and sleeping with a number of guys. And she is a well know cheater.. I wonder who is better at cheating and misleading folks, she or hamilton..
    Get up and smell the coffee gal. You should adore those who love you and not kick them in the A**.. Now, enter life in the fast lane and see where you’re gonna endup……Sorry cant say i didn’t warn you

  3. 3
    sunshine Says:

    envy & jealousy are your second names!

  4. 4
    straight out Says:

    vivian i give u props for wat u did for greenz (grenada) but u r known for cheating and being a very envious person u aint bad looking but u dont hav such a great body srry if im hurting ur feelings but its d truth laterz

  5. 5
    MONKA MIRO Says:


  6. 6
    KHALED Says: