Tiger Woods: Fittest Guy In America

May 19, 2008

Men’s Fitness just revealed their Top 25 Fittest Guys in America. Golf superstar Tiger Woods claims the #1 spot. See photos and video below.

Just why did Men’s Fitness choose Tiger Woods as the Fittest Guy in America? The mag said they chose Woods “because of his commitment to being the best and setting the bar, not just for other golfers, but for all athletes.”

Here are their other reasons:

Because he made us care about a sport we didn’t think was, well, a sport.
Because he raised the bar and made pro golfers care about winning again.
Because he made himself better, even while he was clearly the best.
Because he’s walking history.
Because even the icons say he’s the best.
Because he loves the gym.
Because he’s the first golfer we’ve ever thought of as an athlete.
Because he has a bangin’ hot wife.
Because he has all the toys.
Because he’s making all the money.
Because he’s the first golfer who’s jacked, and has the balls to show it off.
Because, quite simply, he kicks everybody’s ass, and could probably have done it in any sport.
Because when the shot matters most, he just sticks it.
Because he gets even better when challenged.
Because he embodies the best in all of our cultures.
Because we love the fist pump. (Did we say he has a bangin’ wife?)
Because we can’t stop watching him.
Because he is the bar.
For all these reasons, we recognize Tiger Woods as the 2008 Fittest Guy in America.

Of course we have to agree that he has a bangin’ hot wife, see photos of Elin Nordegren here.

What’s up next for Tiger? Looks like he will be playing at the Buick Open on June, although he has not made an official commitment…yet. It was just five weeks ago today that Tiger had surgery on his left knee. Buick golf marketing manager Larry Peck said Tiger “technically doesn’t commit until the week before the tournament”.

See photos and video of Tiger Woods, the Fittest Guy in America, below.

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