Carly Zucker: Joe Cole’s Girlfriend

May 12, 2008

Meet Carly Zucker, girlfriend and soon to be wife of Chelsea soccer player Joe Cole. See photos, video and a biography of Carly below.

Carly Zucker is in the news as her upcoming wedding to footballer Joe Cole is causing quite a stir. There are conflicting reports as to when the actual nuptials will be held. One source says they will marry this coming June 28 and have a lavish reception at the State Apartments in London’s Royal Hospital Chelsea and another source has Carly quoted as saying the wedding will be next summer. More than likely the big wedding day will be in 2009.

Nonetheless, they will spend a fortune on their wedding and reception, much like Joe’s England pal Wayne Rooney and fiance Coleen McLoughlin, who will marry on June 14 in a £3million ceremony in Italy.

As a biography, Carly Zucker is 23 years old. After doing a search for Carly online, there’s really not much info on her, as she does tend to keep a low profile for a WAG. She is a personal trainer and obviously just by looking at her body, she practices what she preaches. Carly has always been the sporty type, having played football while in school. She is also an avid runner.

Carly noticeably lost weight last year and the tabloids immediately thought she had caved into the pressures of being a size zero, but she claims it was because she simply stopped her weight training. In addition to her running, she keeps fit by doing yoga, walking her dogs and swimming.

Carly first met Joe when she was 18 years old. They have been together now for six years.

More photos and video of Carly Zucker are below.

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