Beijing Olympic Torch Reaches Mount Everest Summit

May 7, 2008

The Olympic Torch has made history today by reaching the summit of Mount Everest! Read more and see photos below.

In spite of the controversy that has surrounded the Olympic Torch relay, especially while it was traveling through western countries, it has reached the top of the world on May 8, 2008, exactly three months before the games will begin. Literally. The trek of the mountaineers carrying the torch to the summit of Mount Everest was broadcast live. The torch as well as the Chinese and Olympic flags were held up for the cameras. The Chinese proclaimed they had lit the torch on top of the world.

The specially made torch was relayed to the summit of the mountain until it was held aloft by a Tibetan woman named Cering Wangmo. The team who transported the Olympic Torch to the summit (largely in secret) was comprised of both Chinese and Tibetans. It was hoped this would help quiet the protests that have plagued the torch relay around the world. The main Olympic Torch has been making its way across China without the protests and controversy that erupted around it in places like Paris, London and San Francisco.

The flame will go through every province of China, finally arriving in Beijing on August 6th, just two days ahead of opening ceremonies.

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