Inge de Bruijn is Dutch Olympic Swimmer

May 9, 2008

Meet Inge de Bruijn who is known as the Queen of the Sprint in her sport of swimming. She has brought home Olympic gold four times and is preparing to compete in the Beijing Olympics. Read her biography and see photos and a video of her below.

Inge de Bruijn is an enormously popular Dutch Olympic swimmer. In fact, she is a swimming legend. She has brought home eight Olympic medals including four gold medals as well as numerous other awards. Even though she announced her retirement from swimming in March 2007 she has returned to competing. She will compete in the Beijing Olympics this summer and hopes to bring the Netherlands yet another Olympic gold. You can read about her at her Beijing Olympic webpage.

Yeah, that’s what kind of, we get the idea a little bit yeah, because other people from different countries also try as hard as they can to get a medal or a gold medal in the Olympic Games. And you know, if they can work hard, we can work hard as well.

Inge de Bruijn was born on August 24, 1973 in Barendrecht, Netherlands which is still her home. She began swimming at 7-years-old and won her first medal as a World Champion at 17-years-old in 1991.

Inge was been named ‘Female World Swimmer of the Year’ by Swimming World in 2000 and 2001. She has had an unprecedented long career. She started her international career at the European championships in Rome in 1987 and continues to this day. She did not qualify for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. It is generally felt that she had lost her motivation during that period of time.

When Inge de Bruijn is not swimming, she spends her time doing charity work for children and given generously to children with cancer. She was honored by having a tulip named in her honor.

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