Tiffany Shepherd: Fired Bikini Mate Teacher to Playboy Playmate (Photos)

May 8, 2008

Meet Tiffany Shepherd, the fired bikini mate teacher who has now been offered to do a spread in Playboy. See photos and a biography below.

Tiffany Shepherd was fired from her job as a biology teacher for Port St. Lucie High School due to “excessive absences” but she claims it was because of her second job as a “bikini mate” for Smokin ‘Em Charters. Her story made the headlines last week and photos of the buxom blonde (34DD/E to be exact) were splashed all over the net.

Offers are now pouring in for the 30-year-old teacher, most notably Playboy, as well as inquiries from Maxim, FHM, and Victoria’s Secret. Reps from Playboy are not forthcoming with details, but reportedly they have offered her $25,000 per photo of her nude. According to the Smokin’ Em Charters owner, Kathi Coombes, the photos will be done “very tastefully”. “It’s not going to be spread eagle shots or anything like that.”

Shepherd was still unsure if she would pose nude for Playboy or not.

“I’m not sure yet. I’m, still thinking about it. That’s a really big decision for me considering my children. There’s pros and cons for not doing it and pros and cons for doing it. I’m really thinking about it because I do want to provide for my kids.”

See more photos of Playboy bound Tiffany Shepherd below.

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2 Responses to “Tiffany Shepherd: Fired Bikini Mate Teacher to Playboy Playmate (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Tracy Legacy Says:

    hi tiffany, go for it what do u have to lose now. its a honor to be asked to pose for play boy. its my dream to pose for playboy. im canadian. if i had the chance i would. so if u know any way that i can apply to do so please email me back.

    thank you and good luck

  2. 2
    No way Says:

    She has NOT been asked to pose for Playboy.