Vivi Brunieri: Ronaldo Girlfriend

May 6, 2008

Meet Vivi Brunieri (aka Viviane Brunieri) former girlfriend of AC Milan striker Ronaldo. She is the star of an upcoming movie. See photos, video and a biography of Vivi below.

Vivi (Viviane) Brunieri is in the news today as it has been reported that the former girlfriend of Ronaldo, aka Ronaldinha, is the star of an upcoming adult movie.

The news comes on the heels of the transvestite sex scandal that Ronaldo is currently embroiled in, and the blonde bombshell model, who currently lives in Japan, is said to be coming to Brazil to discuss the details. The title of the video is said to be “Vivi Ronaldinha, mi Primera Vez” which translates into “Vivi Ronaldinho My First Time”. The video will be available in June.

Video has surfaced online of Vivi Brunieri with a male companion who looks to be a Ronaldo lookalike. See the video below.

Not much can be found of Vivi Brunieri online except that we know that she is a former girlfriend of AC Milan soccer player Ronaldo. She did pose for Playboy back in January 1998 with another former girlfriend of Ronaldo, NĂ¡dia Franca.

Vivi currently lives in Japan and even attended college there. She speaks fluent Japanese.

More photos and video of Vivi (Viviane) Brunieri below.

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