Tim Hardaway Hates People

February 14, 2007

Former NBA star Tim Hardaway is showing some intolerant smack toward gay people. Hardaway said “I hate gay people” in a radio interview that just made the national news. Hardaway is the former star shooting guard for the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors, and he was a team leader.

This interview is going to land Hardaway in a world of hurt. If he has any endorsement deals, kiss them goodbye. If he has an NBA front office job, or had designs on one, kiss it goodbye. Bye Tim Hardaway. You were a great player and it was nice knowing you.

The blockbuster story is reported by the local CBS News affiliate station in Miami.

“”Well, you know, I hate gay people,” Hardaway said ……..

Former Miami Heat superstar Tim Hardaway told a local sports radio show that he “hates gay people.”

Hardaway made the comments while he was being interviewed by Dan Le Batard on 790 the Ticket Wednesday afternoon.

The five time All Star was asked how he would deal with a gay teammate.

“First of all I wouldn’t want him on my team,” said Hardaway. “Second of all, if he was on my team I would really distance myself from him because I don’t think that’s right and I don’t think he should be in the locker room when we’re in the locker room.”

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