Kate Hollywood: Field Hockey HOT

May 5, 2008

Meet Kate Hollywood, an Australian field hockey player. See photos and a biography below.

Kate Hollywood is in the news as she was recently chosen to play for the Australian Hockeyroos team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games this summer. The beautiful 21-year-old is quite appealing marketing wise, according to media buyer Harold Mitchell, who told The Daily Telegraph:

“She’s intelligent and seemingly beyond her years, and the name is glitz and glamour, so there is huge scope for Kate.”

All eyes will be on this Australian blonde bombshell this summer as she and the Hockeyroos try for Olympic gold.

As a biography, Kate Hollywood was born on May 28, 1986. She is 21 years old. Her international debut in hockey came in 2005 and just one year later was part of the gold medal team that won at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. She plays midfield and recently moved from her home in Sydney to Perth in order to train. She is committed to being part of the Hockeyroos squad and is looking forward to having a gold medal placed around her neck in August.

Kate is currently attending Australian College of Physical Education so that she may one day become a PE teacher.

More photos of Kate Hollywood below.

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