Arizona State Cheerleaders Photos Make News

May 2, 2008

The Arizona State cheerleaders will no longer be cheering from the sidelines, as racy photos of them have surfaced online and athletic director Lisa Love has cut the cheer squad completely from the program. See the racy photos and video below.

After racy photos of the Arizona State University cheerleaders surfaced on “The Dirty”, officials at the university were not amused and athletic director Lisa Love has cut the squad from the program completely. Of the 16 member squad, 6 of the cheerleaders are featured in the racy photos. The photos are two years old, and cheerleaders told Phoenix affiliate Fox 10 that cutting the cheer team had “been in the works for a while”. Looks like it was “good timing” on ASU’s part, according to ASU cheerleader Briana Barcelo.

An email sent by Lisa Love to The Dirty stated:

“NO cheer squad next year at ANY football, basketball or other sporting event games. The only form of “cheer squad�? that will remain is the megaphones and signs. Which will not be called the cheerleaders, but instead “Sparky’s Crew.�?

Okay, so they’re in their bra and panties…are they naked? No. They’re college kids having a good time. ASU doesn’t get that “party school” rep for nothing. I understand you want your cheerleaders to portray that All-American spirit, but please…These racy photos surfacing were just what ASU were waiting for if they’ve been wanting to cut the squad for a while now…

See racy photos and video of the Arizona State Cheerleaders below.

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