Jessica Simpson Does Glamour Magazine

April 30, 2008

Jessica Simpson graces the cover of the newest issue of Glamour, and sat with the magazine to talk about what she’s doing right now and how life is with her newfound love, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Jessica spoke about her and Tony’s first date. Tony admitted to her that he had a crush on her for a long time and watched her on TV. After several phone calls and emails that were exchanged, they were able to get together. Tony tried to kiss her on that first date and Jessica was a little surprised by it, but at the same time excited. She loved the fact that he was willing to kiss her in front of all of the people in the restaurant, in the first 10 minutes of dinner, no less. She thought it was awesome.

Jess is currently in the studio, writing and recording a country album that will be released soon. She had fought with her label three years ago about doing country and finally told them she wasn’t going to make another album unless it was country.

As far as the tabloids go, Jess said she likes to see pictures of herself and Tony, but she also doesn’t believe everything she reads. She’d rather look through the mag and see what other people are wearing, which is something that interests her. She tries not to read the stories or the blogs because the comments are pretty harsh.

Read more of Jessica Simpson’s interview with Glamour Magazine here.

Photos of Jessica Simpson, the Glamour girl, are below.

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