Ronaldo: Transvestite Sex Scandal

April 30, 2008

AC Milan striker Ronaldo is embroiled in a transvestite prostitute sex scandal. See photos and video below.

After dropping off his girlfriend at her home on Monday, Ronaldo decided to have some fun and picked up three prostitutes. They got a room at the Papillon motel in Rio de Janeiro and an altercation ensued when he realized the three prostitutes he thought were women were actually transvestites. Ronaldo claims that the men tried to extort money from him in exchange for not blabbing to the media about the incident.

Ronaldo, who is recovering from knee surgery, is said to be in hiding because of the sex scandal. The Chief of Police, Carlos Augusto Noguiera, said at a news conference:

“I have to check both sides of the story, the transvestites’ version and Ronaldo’s. Ronaldo said he is not good in the head and that he is going through psychological problems because of his recent surgery.”

One of the transvestites, Andre Luis Ribeiro, who is also known as Andreia Albertine (photos below), is being accused of extortion. There are also videos that were uploaded on YouTube of Ronaldo at the motel with the transvestites, which apparently was taped by one of the prostitutes.

Noguiera had stated that Ronaldo will not be charged, as prostitution is legal in Brazil, unless he physically assaulted any of the transvestities, which is what one of the men had hinted.

See photos and video of Ronaldo and the transvestite prostitutes below.

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