Melanie Slade: Theo Walcott’s Girlfriend

April 28, 2008

Meet Melanie Slade, girlfriend of Arsenal player Theo Walcott. See photos, video and a biography of Melanie Slade below.

Melanie Slade is in the news today as she has come under fire for criticizing her fellow Wags, calling them “wannabees who have no respect for themselves”. She told FHM Magazine that she hated the stereotype of a typical wag – shopping all day, short dresses, and big sunglasses. Slade claims that she does not want to be associated with them. It was just last year that she said her fellow Wags were “lovely girls who just want to have fun and support their men”.

As a biography, Melanie Slade is 19 years old. She met Theo Walcott while working at a Claire’s Accessories shop in Southhampton. They have been together ever since. Theo has lavished her with gifts throughout their relationship – a diamond and platinum ring, a VW Beetle convertible with a personalized license plate, to name a few, but she does remain grounded, and insists that she’ll be attending St. George’s University in London later this year to study physiotherapy.

She seems like such a down to earth young woman, and for her to be criticized over her comments that are her own opinion are a shame. At least she is not conforming to the typical “Wag” way. Kudos to her for speaking her own mind.

Photos and Video of Melanie Slade are below.

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