Seattle Seahawks’ Wilson Outplays Brady

October 15, 2012

In Washington State yesterday, the Century Link Field was sold out for the Seattle Seahawks vs. the New England Patriots football game. The 12th Man theory of the power of the fans was really apparent all over especially in downtown Seattle. The Seahawks have a new quarterback, Russell Wilson who really gave Tom Brady of the Patriots a tough battle for the win. The defense of the Seahawks had Tom Brady backed up against the wall so to speak.

Brady didn’t have a lot of time to set up positions well enough to throw complete passes to his team mates. The Seahawks were coming for him fast and aggressive on every play. Statistics would indicate that the Patriots were the likely team to win, however in any sport the underdogs have a hunger to give it there all to pull out a win. Clearly this is what happened. Just because a team is winning doesn’t mean a coach or the players should dismiss easy point gains, the decision not to go for a field goal before half time ultimately cost the Patriots the game.

Ironically, the new head coach of the Seahawks, Pete Carroll use to coach for the Patriots in the late 90’s (1997-1999). This game was a record making game for several reasons. This was Tom Brady’s first time playing in Seattle in his NFL career. Also the first time the head coach had to play a game against his former team. Brady, threw several passes that were intercepted or deemed incomplete. Sometimes egos overshadow what is important in the heat of the moment. More than one person can be the blame for a wrong play. In the end should have and could haves will not change the final score. Assumptions and hype should be left at the doors the stadium and displayed out on the field. Skills will clearly address any and all speculations. The final score speaks volumes.

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