Natasha Massey is Ched Evans’s Girlfriend (Photos)

April 23, 2012

Meet Natasha Massey, the beautiful woman at the center of a firestorm in England. She is Ched Evans’s girlfriend who will not be seeing her boyfriend for quite a while. See her photos and learn more about her below.

Natasha Massey
Photos: Natasha Massey

He was just convicted of raping a 19-year old woman in a court of law in England and sentenced to five years in prison. Her famous boyfriend is a soccer (i.e. “football”) player for the Sheffield United team and is 23 years old. Ched claimed that he had consensual sex with her but she says that she was sloppy drunk at the time and unable to give consent. His best friend, Clayton McDonald, another soccer player in England, was accused of the same thing but acquitted.

Natasha says she is standing by her man despite the conviction. She says that she is still “deeply in love” with the football star even after he was found guilty. Before the trial she said “I am going to fight for Ched. I don’t let go of my soulmate that easily.”

She is either an enabler, or a stoic woman standing up for someone innocently convicted. Passions are high on both sides of the case, pitting abused women against fans who believe he was unfairly accused by a trampy promiscuous barfly.

Meanwhile the name of Ched Evans’s rape victim was revealed on Twitter today which has resulted in a barrage of insults and intimidation against her. Twitter users Jonathan Cox and Joshua Laughton of Sheffield, fans of the team, both outed her name. Their tweets have since been scrubbed and one account deleted entirely, undoubtedly in panic as doing so as naming rape victims is illegal in England. Her name can still be found by looking here.

Biography: Natasha Massey is 24-years old currently living in Alderley Edge, Cheshire County, in England. She still lives in her wealthy parent’s estate when she is not screwing her boyfriend. Her mother’s name is Susan while her daddy is Karl Massey, who is a successful businessman and owns or manages several companies, including a high-end jewelry company.

Her parents and family are also standing by her man. The day of the verdict, Susan tweeted that she was “absolutely devastated! My love goes to Tash and Ched! He is INNOCENT.” About the same time, her younger sister Imogen Massey tweeted “I’m in shock! He’s innocent! This can’t happen!”

She changes her look quite a bit. You can see Natasha’s photos include straight jet black hair in some, and in others she is brunette, either straight or with waves via a perm. And yet another picture depicts her as blond. Natasha is 5’6″ tall and her measurements are 32a-24-37, according to her modeling profile which can be found here.

Here is her Facebook page. Natasha Massey’s Twitter page can be found here but it is currently protected from prying eyes. On it you can see that she mentions Ched by saying that she has the “best family, amazing friends, and a gorgeous boyfriend.”

More Pictures of Natasha Massey
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Natasha MasseyNatasha MasseyNatasha MasseyNatasha MasseyNatasha MasseyNatasha Massey

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