Arnelle Simpson: OJ Simpson’s Daughter

April 9, 2012

Meet Arnelle Simpson, OJ Simpson’s daughter. She is in charge of his money and is spending it like a bad habit! Nothing has been paid on poor old dad’s house since 2010 despite the fact that she gets his $25,000 monthly pension.

So what is she spending his money on? Well, according to reports OJ is worried about Arnelle’s alcohol problem. She is reportedly spending money on herself and treating her friends to drinking and dinners. Her father’s mortgage, which is only is only $3,133 a month, hasn’t been paid in years! Yikes! That is not doing right by daddy! But if anyone has daddy issues I would imagine it would be the daughter of OJ. Arnelle is reportedly bitter for divorcing her mother, Marguerite L. Whitley, the Nicole Brown Simpson murder, and his current prison sentence for kidnapping, armed robbery and assault case. Is that reason enough to put OJ’s house in danger of foreclosure? He lost most of his assets to the family of Ron Goldman, and just wants to keep his home and bills paid while in prison.

Perhaps some therapy should be sought after with some of that money, who wouldn’t have issues?! Or perhaps OJ needs to rethink who he puts in charge of his money!

This isn’t the first time Arnelle Simpson has made headlines for money issues with her father. The 41 year old was accused of money laundering back in 2009, when she was accused of hiding and spending the estimated $780,000 O.J. received as an advance for writing the 2006 book If I Did It. A corporation in Florida was set up to receive the money with Arnelle acting as the company president and the other three children also had ownership in the company.

So it seems as though Arnelle has been caught up in some shady business, and I am sure OJ is not happy about it, but really – what is he going to do? He has quite a bit of time to serve in prison!

What do you think of Arnelle Simpson, OJ Simpson’s daughter? Is she scamming her dad, or is he getting what he deserves? You can check out her pictures below.

Photos: Hoffman

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