Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Shower Together to Conserve Water

April 27, 2008

Sex tape socialite Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, NFL star Reggie Bush, do their part in conserving water by taking a shower together.

The bombshell announced this week at the launch of Svedka Vodka’s eco-friendly T-shirt collection, E.VIL, that she and Reggie take showers together to conserve water.

“I conserve water by showering with my boyfriend so we can save water together.”

Well gosh, Kim, thank you so much for sharing. Is there a waterproof video camera in there too?

Americans evidently use two gallons of water per minute while showering, but some of the experts warn that showering together could lead to some extracurricular activity while in there together, thus prolonging the water use. Heh heh.

Showering with Reggie isn’t the only thing Kim does to save the earth, by golly she has even changed her light bulbs – “I definitely have energy-saving light bulbs now.”

More photos of Kim Kardashian below.

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